DFL Publications

Rogers B, Lowe CG, Fernandez-Juricic E & Frank LR. (in press). Assessing the effects of angling induced barotraumas on rockfish using magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Canadian Journal of Fisheries & Aquatic Sciences.

Perry CN, Cartamil DC, Bernal D, Sepulveda CA, Theilmann RJ, Graham JB & Frank LR. (2007). Quantification of red myotomal muscle volume and geometry in the shortfin mako shark (Isurus oxyrinchus) and the salmon shark (Lamna ditropis), using T1-weighted magnetic resonance imaging. Journal of Morphology. 268(4):284-92.

Sepulveda CA, Dickson KA, Frank LR & Graham JB. (2007). Cranial endothermy and a putative brain heater in the most basal tuna species, Allothunnus fallai. Journal of Fish Biology. 70(6): 1720-1733.

Yopak, KE & Frank LR (2007). Variation in Cerebellar Foliation in Cartilaginous Fishes: Ecological and Behavioral Considerations. Brain, Behavior, and Evolution, 70: 210.

Conference & Workshop Presentations

Rogers BL, Fernandez-Juricic E, Lowe CG & Frank LR. (2007). Assessing the effects of angling-induced barotraumas on green-blotched rockfish (Sebastes rosenblatti) using T2-weighted magnetic resonance imaging. Western Society of Naturalists, November 8-11, Ventura, CA.

Yopak KE & Frank LR (2007). Variation in Cerebellar Foliation in Cartilaginous Fishes: Ecological and Behavioral Considerations. Annual Meeting of the J.B. Johnston Club and the 19th Annual Karger Workshop. November 1-2. San Diego, California, USA.

Eichberger G, Perry CN, Walker HJ, Hastings P, Linsen L & Frank LR. (2006). Interactive 3D Graphics for Web-based Data Analysis and Visualization for the Digital Fish Library (DFL). 33rd International Conference and Exhibition on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques, July 30- August 3, Boston, MA, USA.

Yopak K, Lisney T, Collin S, Montgomery J & Frank L. (2007). The Batoid Brain: Correlations with Ecology, Locomotory Mode, and Fin Morphology. Joint Meeting of the American Elasmobranch Society and the American Society of Ichthyologists and Herpetologists. July 11-16. St. Louis, Missouri, USA.

May L & Frank LR. (2007). An 8 Channel Geometry Optimized RF Coil Array for Imaging of Fish at 3T. ISMRM-ESMRMB Joint Annual Meeting, May 19-25, Berlin, Germany.

Film & Video Contributions

Video Footage, UC San Diego CA, "National Geographic Explorer Series - Shark Superhighway", National Geographic Television and Film, 2008.

Video Footage, UC San Diego CA, "National Geographic Explorer Series- Ultimate Sharks", National Geographic Television and Film, 2007.

Video Footage, UC San Diego. Interview regarding MR imaging and Digital Fish Library research and progress, Discovery Channel Canada, 2006.

Web Publications

Yopak K.E (2008). Featured Elasmobranch of the Month: The Copper Shark, Carcharhinus brachyurus. For: Pacific Shark Research Center, Moss Landing Marine Laboratories, February 1, 2008.

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